Angelo Segarra paints strong figures in repose. Hailing from the USA, he has lived in China for ten years and has developed a unique style combining styles and techniques of the west and east. He works using acrylic paints, but also in ink. His paintings are highly textured, bordering on realism.

Segarra is particularly interested in the beauty of the figure when combined with the implicit feeling of nature. Often working with texture, his work is multi-layered. His work conveys a subtle narrative but also the inherent beauty of form and line.

Mr. Segarra was awarded an Honorary Fellowship in sculpture in 2018, from the Heilongjiang Contemporary Art Institute, Harbin, China.

Angelo Segarra 是来自美国的画家,他已经在中国生活和工作了10年。他对人体之美尤其感兴趣,而东方现代女性含蓄、温婉的性格给他的创作带来很多灵感。通过融合中西不同的绘画技巧和理念,他形成了自己独特的绘画风格:主要画处于自然、放松状态中健美的人体与大自然。

他不仅用丙烯酸颜料而且也用墨进行绘画,他的画很有质感,且层次丰富;他的作品是一种微妙的叙事,同时也呈现出形式和线条的内在美;他的作品接近现实主义。 2018年,他被聘为黑龙江省当代艺术研究院荣誉研究员。