Pascal Maljette, born 1961, is a well-established French painter that spends his time between Paris and Guangzhou China. One year after his first visit to China in 2004, he decided to settle there. Chinese culture inspires him to explore the meaning of life, profoundly affecting him and offering him inspirations. Therefore, he became more determined to focus on art. He usually makes the majestic western oil painting as the main tone of his work and sometimes adds a few chinese elements to it. The harmony in his works which conveys both western and chinese culture makes his painting unique. And the way he paints is recognized by Chinese artists and collectors.

Since 2006, Pascal has exhibited in many cities, such as Paris, Miami, Brussels, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Hongkong, Macao. The fusion of East and West has been an important element in his work for many years.